Thursday, 18 April 2013

Vintage Retro 50's / 60's Kitchen Unit - currently at £5.04

I've just found this stunning vintage piece that would look fabulous in your new "country style" kitchen. At the time of writing this article it's at the rock bottom price of £5.04 although I cannot see it staying at that, it's just too lovely. Imagine it as the centre piece of the kitchen, store things in it, chop things on it and maybe even sit on it. It doesn't matter if the colour doesn't fit with your current theme, it can be painted.

Vintage Retro 50's / 60's Kitchen Unit
And now down to the item itself, it easily splits into two sections for easy transport, is 176cm high, 90cm wide and has a depth of 55cm. Made from plywood with an solid oak worktop and painted in a cream finish, it is just waiting for the right person to whisk it away from Wiltshire to a loving home. Once again, don't miss out on this beautiful vintage dresser, bid now.

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