Thursday, 28 February 2013

Amazing Kitchen Unit - Starts at only £60

Confession time. I have been keeping secrets.
I have found the most amazing unit for my kitchen and spent days agonizing over whether it's worth extending my kitchen a little bit or if we could possibly live without a cooker, just so I could fit this diamond of kitchen furniture in. Sadly, common sense has prevailed and I have decided to share this find with you. It's simply listed as a large retro/vintage kitchen unit but is actually a 1950's bespoke piece.

It measures an impressive 244 cm long, is 92 cm high and has a depth of 46 cm. The unit is painted in a cream colour and is covered by a red Formica top which does have a small chip at one end. As the unit is made from solid wood and is in one piece it is very heavy, but on the plus side it doesn't require any assembly as doors, drawers and handles are all included and attached. I personally love this piece because of the simple clean-lined design and  the chrome handles and sliding doors just add to its charm.

Amazing Kitchen Unit for Sale

Despite being of some age, it looks fresh and clean and I think it would appeal to both minimalists and vintage lovers. The only thing is, that because I have been unwilling to share this until I was absolutely sure I couldn't buy it myself, there is only a couple of days left of the auction. However,  at the time of writing there have been no bids placed despite the tempting starting price of a mere £60.00. I can imagine the reason for this is that people have trouble picturing driving all the way from Cornwall with this attractive piece of kitchen furniture sticking out of the boot of the hatchback.

This is definitely a man-with-a-van job if I ever saw one. Don't let that put you off though because I would challenge you to try to find something similar from one of the major furniture retailers for less.

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