Wednesday, 27 February 2013

36 AUTHENTIC MEXICAN TILES - starting at £29

How do you liven up a kitchen where white, black and brown set the tone and it feels more like a lab than the heart of the home? I suppose a Smeg or Aga would add a bit of personality but would also stretch the finances to the limit.
As always I'm on a budget and was thinking of placing some retro pieces of kitchenalia in strategic places in my kitchen or perhaps a funky blind in the window.  As I was trawling the internet for inspiration, I stumbled across something even better and fell instantly in love with these amazing Mexicanwall tiles.

36 Mexican tiles

They are not retro, vintage or period, instead they are contemporary, practical and functional. They are also colourful and unique and give a distinctive and lively finish to the walls. 

These particular tiles are Azucena authentic tiles that have been handmade in Mexico. Fortunately no overseas travel is required to get your hands of these fantastic little pieces of art as they are available on line. They are sold in batches of 36 and are competitively priced at £29.00 plus £6.00 P&P.

They measure 10.5x10.5cm though as they are hand made no two tiles are identical. This is something worth bearing in mind before fixing them onto the wall, preparation and planning will save time and lessen the frustration on this occasion.  The tiles are also waterproof and could be used in the bathroom or even outside, but personally I think they would make any kitchen feel warm and welcoming and as soon as I can decide on my colourscheme I'll be placing my order.

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