Sunday, 8 January 2012

Vintage Kitchen Larder Unit for serious restoration

OK, so here's a kitchen larder unit for someone who isn't afraid of some serious restoration and repair work, but it's still cheap enough to make it viable if you have enough motivation. At £4.99 with no bids yet, you could pick up this 1950s retro Hygena kitchen larder unit which has been with the same family since it was bought in 1953.

There's quite a lot of grime to clean considering the larder unit has been stored in a garage and sadly the bottom panel has rotted, so would need replacing. But all the bits and pieces are there, and it does have a lined bread compartment and vegetable cupboard with three wire wracks. A good thorough clean and a new bottom panel and you're ready to rock, or alternatively, stripping and repainting would be a viable option. At 6ft high, you'd currently be paying less than £1 per foot!

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