Saturday, 7 January 2012

Retro kitchen scales and cocktail stools going cheap

Proving that you can still find some seriously interesting items online which are bargain buys for your chic vintage kitchen, we've found these rather nice vintage Tower kitchen scales which currently have no bids with a day left, and a starting price of £14.99. Worth watching, because if noone bids it's always worth making a cheeky offer.

And we were also pleasantly surprised to find these two retro-style bar stools for just 99p with 24 hours left. Having watched countless items like this end up becoming rather expensive, or being resold by professional sellers for a lot more, it seems like a lot of bargain hunters might still be recovering from Christmas and not be up to their normal eagle-eyed eBay watching.

OK, so the stools are collection-only, but even including a quick trip in a van or car with a large enough boot, you'll still get a sizeable saving. You might have missed out on stylish New Year's cocktails for this year, but you'll be prepared for the end of 2012 in style!

And although you could spend a bit of time polishing up either the scales or stools, they're cool enough to fit into a vintage or retro kitchen with a quick wipe of a cloth, which is always handy. It's always nice when you don't have to refurbish absolutely everything!

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