Friday, 13 January 2012

If NASA built kitchen blenders - the National Solid State Recipe Blender

As a gadget geek, I think I may have fallen in love with this vintage 1982 National MX-370N Solid State Recipe Blender. For one thing, noone names their products in quite such a pseudo-scientific way. It sounds more like a NASA mission than a kitchen gadget. And for another, it looks just like the technology in American homes in early 1980s films, when VCRs and Nintendos were still exotic dreams for us in the UK.

If you ever wanted to make sure you have a blender ready for a Gremlins infestation, this is definitely the one to pick up.

But more importantly than any of that - check out the control panel. This may have made life easier for chefs, but only those with a degree in asto-physics. Buttons, dials, and a radio type tuner to select how you want your food chopped?

See what we mean? It has a button labelled for 'Short Spurt' - that in itself is enough for us to want it, besides the other chunky buttons and dials. And it's only £14.99 with just over a day to secure it.


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