Monday, 9 January 2012

1960s retro gas cooker for a pretty hot price

We haven't often seen vintage gas cookers for sale, and obviously you'll need to keep safety in mind if you purchase something like this - getting it checked out and installed in proper fashion to avoid blowing up your retro kitchen when you're trying to heat up some soup.

Then again, you could be really sneaky, and just hide a microwave in the oven compartment!

It's a 1966 Flavel Equerry 3 Automatic Gas Cooker, complete with instruction manual, and some seriously funky red knobs. The seller points out that it's in very clean condition and the pictures certainly back that up. Plus it's currently on sale for £20 with a bit of time left.

There are actually a set of regulations regarding the sale of secondhand gas cooking appliances, which include that gas shouldn't escape, the burner should light promptly, carbon monoxide shouldn't be given off in large quantities and any cut-off device should work correctly.

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