Saturday, 14 January 2012

1960s Remploy Kitchen Unit for under £10!

It's almost the weekend, and what better time to pick up a cool 1960s Remploy kitchen unit for less than £10 at the time of writing?
To get the low price, you'll need to pick it up yourself from Scotland, but just make it into a fun weekend trip with the cash you've saved against buying an expensive new cabinet - and it's a freestanding unit so easy to fit into the kitchen or any other room.

It's 121cm tall, 107cm wide and 45cm deep with a pulldown draw featuring a formica top, a shelf,  a cutlery draw, and all the original plastic handles and knobs are correct and present. And we love that aubergine colour! But not as much as we love the fact that at the moment it could be yours for £8! A cool kitchen cupboard for less than a packet of cigarettes - what could be better?

Friday, 13 January 2012

If NASA built kitchen blenders - the National Solid State Recipe Blender

As a gadget geek, I think I may have fallen in love with this vintage 1982 National MX-370N Solid State Recipe Blender. For one thing, noone names their products in quite such a pseudo-scientific way. It sounds more like a NASA mission than a kitchen gadget. And for another, it looks just like the technology in American homes in early 1980s films, when VCRs and Nintendos were still exotic dreams for us in the UK.

If you ever wanted to make sure you have a blender ready for a Gremlins infestation, this is definitely the one to pick up.

But more importantly than any of that - check out the control panel. This may have made life easier for chefs, but only those with a degree in asto-physics. Buttons, dials, and a radio type tuner to select how you want your food chopped?

See what we mean? It has a button labelled for 'Short Spurt' - that in itself is enough for us to want it, besides the other chunky buttons and dials. And it's only £14.99 with just over a day to secure it.

Thursday, 12 January 2012

Futuristic 1970s Soehnle kitchen scales

When it comes to gadgets and accessories for your kitchen it's sometimes hard to get away from vintage scales of the sort found in a Dickensian sweet shop with a selection of weights and no funkiness. Luckily the 1970s provided us with cool stuff for the kitchen, along with dreams of jet cars, food pills and teleporters. In this case, even the normally-reserved Germans got in on the act.

These 1970s Soehnle scales are from Germany and you may have noticed the large orange weighing dish which can handle items under 15cm in diameter, and can be turned upside down to save space if you want to hide such a lovely weighing machine away.

Soehnle continue to be a high quality manufacturer of kitchen goodies today, and this set will take weights of up to 2kg, so plenty for most kitchen tasks. They're currently on sale for £12.50, and would certainly make sorting out your ingredients a lot more fun.

Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Get a complete 1970s kitchen

You could spend a lot of time and effort sourcing all the furniture for a complete retro kitchen. Alternatively, you could buy this complete 1970s kitchen, which is currently going for £150.

That's right - the entire 1970s, 'possibly Hygena' kitchen is for sale, giving you the complete retro set-up in one swift purchase. That includes:
  • Sink Worktop - 2670mm x 630mm deep
  • Dishwasher Worktop - 2140mm x 530mm
  • Hob Worktop - 1370mm x 530mm
  • Cooker unit - 600mm x 1980mm tall
  • Cupboards under hob - 450mm wide
  • All other cupboards - 525mm wide
  • 4-Drawer unit - 525mm wide
  • Kitchen sink - 1050mm x 460mm
  • Working extractor unit - 685mm wide
  • Utility Worktop - 1740mm x 670mm
  • Utility sink - 1000mm x 500mm
Two things to note - firstly the oven, dishwasher, fridge and bin aren't included. Secondly, you'll also need to uninstall it all with help from the seller, so be prepared to get your screwdriver out. But the good thing is that taking it apart yourself will make it a lot easier to put it all back together in your own home. Top tip is to not only label everything to know which parts go where, but also take plenty of photos at each stage - it'll save you swearing as you try to reconstruct various seemingly random bits of the cupboards!

Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Two 60's kitchen cabinets for the price of one!

Finding one 1960s kitchen cabinet in reasonable condition for a decent price is nice. Finding out that there are actually two of them is even nicer! Three drawers up top, sliding doors below, and a nice vintage yellow colour would make this example stand out for a current price of just 99p.

But when you take a closer look at the description, it turns out there's actually a second cupboard included in the price. The pictured cabinet is complete with the second example apparently missing two handles. But that's a solvable problem, or you could use it for spares or repairs. If the price doesn't rise much more before the end of the auction you could probably find a way to resell the second cabinet to possibly make the first one free - how much more of a bargain could you get!

Monday, 9 January 2012

1960s retro gas cooker for a pretty hot price

We haven't often seen vintage gas cookers for sale, and obviously you'll need to keep safety in mind if you purchase something like this - getting it checked out and installed in proper fashion to avoid blowing up your retro kitchen when you're trying to heat up some soup.

Then again, you could be really sneaky, and just hide a microwave in the oven compartment!

It's a 1966 Flavel Equerry 3 Automatic Gas Cooker, complete with instruction manual, and some seriously funky red knobs. The seller points out that it's in very clean condition and the pictures certainly back that up. Plus it's currently on sale for £20 with a bit of time left.

There are actually a set of regulations regarding the sale of secondhand gas cooking appliances, which include that gas shouldn't escape, the burner should light promptly, carbon monoxide shouldn't be given off in large quantities and any cut-off device should work correctly.

Sunday, 8 January 2012

Vintage Kitchen Larder Unit for serious restoration

OK, so here's a kitchen larder unit for someone who isn't afraid of some serious restoration and repair work, but it's still cheap enough to make it viable if you have enough motivation. At £4.99 with no bids yet, you could pick up this 1950s retro Hygena kitchen larder unit which has been with the same family since it was bought in 1953.

There's quite a lot of grime to clean considering the larder unit has been stored in a garage and sadly the bottom panel has rotted, so would need replacing. But all the bits and pieces are there, and it does have a lined bread compartment and vegetable cupboard with three wire wracks. A good thorough clean and a new bottom panel and you're ready to rock, or alternatively, stripping and repainting would be a viable option. At 6ft high, you'd currently be paying less than £1 per foot!

Saturday, 7 January 2012

Retro kitchen scales and cocktail stools going cheap

Proving that you can still find some seriously interesting items online which are bargain buys for your chic vintage kitchen, we've found these rather nice vintage Tower kitchen scales which currently have no bids with a day left, and a starting price of £14.99. Worth watching, because if noone bids it's always worth making a cheeky offer.

And we were also pleasantly surprised to find these two retro-style bar stools for just 99p with 24 hours left. Having watched countless items like this end up becoming rather expensive, or being resold by professional sellers for a lot more, it seems like a lot of bargain hunters might still be recovering from Christmas and not be up to their normal eagle-eyed eBay watching.

OK, so the stools are collection-only, but even including a quick trip in a van or car with a large enough boot, you'll still get a sizeable saving. You might have missed out on stylish New Year's cocktails for this year, but you'll be prepared for the end of 2012 in style!

And although you could spend a bit of time polishing up either the scales or stools, they're cool enough to fit into a vintage or retro kitchen with a quick wipe of a cloth, which is always handy. It's always nice when you don't have to refurbish absolutely everything!