Monday, 27 June 2011

1950s glass-fronted kitchen cabinet - currently only £10.50

If you need some kitchen storage, and fancy a vintage cabinet with a glass front without paying the earth, it's worth checking out this Ebay auction with a couple of days left.
It's a reasonable 1950s glass-front kitchen cabinet, which is currently listed with a max bid of £10.50 and just a couple of days left, and free local pick-up. Which means if you're in the right area, you could pick up a very cheap bargain.
And because it's quite a tall cabinet, you'll get a lot of storage space without taking up too much floorspace.

The pictures do suggest it might need a little tidying, but if you can grab it for under £20, you'd have plenty of cash left over to accompany a bit of elbow grease!

Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Some retro kitchen inspiration from a day out at Kent Life

Having recently spent a day out at Kent Life Museum near Maidstone, I couldn't help grabbing a few pics of the vintage kitchens in some of the period houses on the site...