Thursday, 27 January 2011

The funkiest washing machine you can buy today?

You might have seen me post in the past about the search for the coolest washing machine. I mentioned the OVO washing machine concept, and wondered why washing machines are generally so boring to look at, let alone to use?

Well, it turns out that there’s actually a fairly funky washing machine you can buy right now, as was kindly pointed out in the comments on that post. It turns out Indesit make a machine which has a 1400rpm spin speed, maximum load of 6kg, with A+ energy efficiency, A for wash performance and B for spin performance, and the rather cool ‘rinse hold’, which means you can end the cycle when you want, rather than forgetting to get clothes out, and then finding them full of wrinkles. And even better, it looks like this:


OK, so it’s still a box, and unlike the OVO, it doesn’t also function as a clock, but it’s still a darn site funkier than most washing machines. And it’s actually a realistic price for most people as well. You can buy the Indesit Moon SIXL145S right now from Boots for just £280, for example. Or seeing as that comes with a £19.99 delivery charge, you could order it from Sainsbury’s and get free delivery, making it the same price.

Either way, I challenge you to find me a funkier, cooler washing machine that’s actually available to buy from a shop right now…

Next challenge: Microwaves. Surely the second most infuriatingly dull piece of kitchen equipment, which really doesn’t have to look so boring!

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