Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Avery Kitchen Retro Vintage Baking Scales

I have to admit I was torn between posting this up or buying it myself. Most vintage and retro scales look pretty much identical, but these not only add some vintage cool, but would also be great for playing greengrocer or sweetshop owner. And I could do with the excuse to buy some big jars of fizzy cola bottles…


They’re currently waiting for a first bid, with a starting price of £14.99. And details include a crown insignia with a number 5, and a serial number underneath of 44076 if you want to investigate them further.

Not only do you get the funky container in a rather nice green colour, and some cool dials to look at but it’ll weigh items up to 500g and has metric and imperial measurements (so no need for mental conversions). It’s 30cm by 20cm and 28cm tall, with a few small paint chips – but that adds to the charm for me. The only thing to keep in mind is that something this heavy will incur some postage costs unless you can arrange to pick it up in person.

There’s just over a day left to bid, so it could be a good time to nab a bargain on some scales which you don’t often see.

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