Thursday, 27 January 2011

The funkiest washing machine you can buy today?

You might have seen me post in the past about the search for the coolest washing machine. I mentioned the OVO washing machine concept, and wondered why washing machines are generally so boring to look at, let alone to use?

Well, it turns out that there’s actually a fairly funky washing machine you can buy right now, as was kindly pointed out in the comments on that post. It turns out Indesit make a machine which has a 1400rpm spin speed, maximum load of 6kg, with A+ energy efficiency, A for wash performance and B for spin performance, and the rather cool ‘rinse hold’, which means you can end the cycle when you want, rather than forgetting to get clothes out, and then finding them full of wrinkles. And even better, it looks like this:


OK, so it’s still a box, and unlike the OVO, it doesn’t also function as a clock, but it’s still a darn site funkier than most washing machines. And it’s actually a realistic price for most people as well. You can buy the Indesit Moon SIXL145S right now from Boots for just £280, for example. Or seeing as that comes with a £19.99 delivery charge, you could order it from Sainsbury’s and get free delivery, making it the same price.

Either way, I challenge you to find me a funkier, cooler washing machine that’s actually available to buy from a shop right now…

Next challenge: Microwaves. Surely the second most infuriatingly dull piece of kitchen equipment, which really doesn’t have to look so boring!

Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Avery Kitchen Retro Vintage Baking Scales

I have to admit I was torn between posting this up or buying it myself. Most vintage and retro scales look pretty much identical, but these not only add some vintage cool, but would also be great for playing greengrocer or sweetshop owner. And I could do with the excuse to buy some big jars of fizzy cola bottles…


They’re currently waiting for a first bid, with a starting price of £14.99. And details include a crown insignia with a number 5, and a serial number underneath of 44076 if you want to investigate them further.

Not only do you get the funky container in a rather nice green colour, and some cool dials to look at but it’ll weigh items up to 500g and has metric and imperial measurements (so no need for mental conversions). It’s 30cm by 20cm and 28cm tall, with a few small paint chips – but that adds to the charm for me. The only thing to keep in mind is that something this heavy will incur some postage costs unless you can arrange to pick it up in person.

There’s just over a day left to bid, so it could be a good time to nab a bargain on some scales which you don’t often see.

Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Retro kitchen cabinet without the refurbishment

You might want the retro look without the need to get involved in sanding and repainting, and there’s definitely no shame in that! Our own kitchen project is taking way longer than expected due to other priorities, such as the fact I’m running my own business, and we have a young family to look after.

And if so, there are still good solutions around to get the look you want…


This new retro kitchen cabinet is on Ebay right now for £375 as a Buy It Now option. It’s obviously a bit pricier than buying something which might need a bit of work, but then again, once it’s in your house, all the hard work is done!

It’s 181cm high, 90cm wide, and 44cm deep, in wood with upper glass doors. It also has 2 drawers, 2 lower doors and a pull-out work surface…

Monday, 3 January 2011

Fancy a full 1950s diner booth set?

OK, so it's a little bit more than the stuff I usually find, but look at this retro 1950s Diner kitchen table booth set.
It costs £1650, but for that you get 2 'hollywood' yellow and white booths, one blackstone formica table with aluminium edging, and the feeling that you're in a 50's diner every time you site down for breakfast. Which means you can justify treating yourself to pancakes and bacon every day, rather than a bowl of muesli.