Friday, 19 November 2010

Glasswear bargains at Habitat of all places...

As much as I love finding things second-hand either online on places like Ebay, or offline in obscure little junk shops, I'm not immune to buying new. And I quite often find myself browsing and occasionally buying from places you might not assume I'd look, like Habitat, for example. We've still got a cool round purple light we bought in a sale years ago - even if we don't have anywhere to put it that's safe from a toddler's grabbing hands.
And a bit of online browsing found these wine glasses reduced for Christmas:

They're 'Twink' wine glasses, and although I could spend the next few months looking for something similar in charity shops, the fact they're down to £2.80 each means that actually it might be more efficient to buy them and spend my time looking for things which get me a bigger saving or are more unusual...
Here's the link for the Blue Twink wine glasses, and for the Red Twink wine glasses. They've also got champagne glasses in blue, assuming you're drinking champagne more regularly than we do!

And here's two personal insights - I'm not a big wine drinker, but I do drink a healthy amount of water, and it always feels a lot nicer to drink from a nice glass than from the bottle/water filter.

And most importantly - Christmas is coming up, and although some of my family and friends might look for obscure gifts, most are busy people and will want something they can grab from the high street. So having a little list of cool things they can pick up without much hassle means we can get stuff we want and need...

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