Saturday, 9 October 2010

Awesome retro slushie maker....

There's a lot of slushie makers around, and anyone that has memories of Slush Puppy machines and drinks has probably thought about getting one.
For looks alone, this seems to be the best to actually make it into a prominent position in your kitchen - although the reviews on Prezzy Box are all positive - those on Amazon aren't as complimentary.

But forget that for the moment, and imagine what happens when friends and family come over for a party. Do you want to be the guy or girl stuck to a slushie machine all day?
Or would you rather have an effectively limitless supply of slushie goodness all ready to go, whether it's for the friends of your children, or with a splash of alcohol for the adults?
Then I suggest to you....

Packing a whopping 3.7 gallons per bowl, that's 7.4 gallons of slushie goodness - and yours for just $2,999.95 (Down from $3449.99). And it might seem pricey now, but imagine how popular you and your offspring will be during warm weather. If you're more financially minded, why not charge the neighbourhood kids for a cup, and make the money back (Maybe even a profit!).
How's that for a DIY kitchen gadget - one that gives you a business and maybe gives you a profit!

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