Friday, 29 October 2010

Buying a stylish slow cooker...

Over the past couple of years, most people have been looking to save a bit of cash where they can - and we're no different. One thing we've done fairly recently is start using a slow cooker and cheaper cuts of meat, and you'll see that same advice in a lot of places. And the best thing is, it works! I never realised how a good casserole is perfect on a cold day - especially when it's ready and waiting for you....
But there's a bit of a problem - slow cookers are not the most attractive devices, which means getting them in and out of the cupboard... unless there's a stylish one somewhere?
This is about the most stylish slow cooker I've managed to find so far the Cuisinart CSC650U. It's funky in an industrial style, and I've found the cheapest place online to pick one up is the aptly named 'Kitchen Fun', which is selling them for £62.20.
That's £6 cheaper than Amazon...
And with a 6.5 litre capacity, you'll be able to feed everyone without any problems...

Friday, 22 October 2010

A serious piece of vintage kitchen furniture...

Want to get a retro or vintage 1950s feel for your kitchen without having to buy loads of little bits? Picking up one massive 1950s kitchen cabinet would save you a bit of time and effort!
By way of example, this is currently on eBay with a bit of time left for bidding:

OK, you'll probably need a reasonably-sized kitchen for it to work, but just look at all that storage! And even adding the cost of collection, it's shaping up to go for a reasonably bargain price... We're pretty tempted, but we've still got tiling to do - and possibly knocking down a wall before we can start refitting...

Thursday, 21 October 2010

12 retro kitchen cabinet doors - currently under £1

One of the top tips for updating or changing the look of your kitchen on a budget is to change the doors of the kitchen cabinets, rather than the whole unit.
So 12 retro kitchen cupboard doors in mustard on eBay for £0.99 is shaping up to be an absolute steal.

They've currently got 2 days left, and come with aluminium handles and hinge packs - utter bargain!

Sunday, 10 October 2010

The most practical kitchen apron...

There's something great about utility products - those that do the job simply, effectively and won't alienate either sex. As a bloke, I'm not exactly keen about wearing an apron while I cook, and if I do, it definitely shouldn't involve flowers or kittens. At the same time, most of the manly BBQ catchphrases look a bit stupid when Annie is wearing them.
That's why this is cool:

Simple, effective, kinda stylish, and yours for a bargain £14.99 from H&M. (Via @poppyd)

Saturday, 9 October 2010

Awesome retro slushie maker....

There's a lot of slushie makers around, and anyone that has memories of Slush Puppy machines and drinks has probably thought about getting one.
For looks alone, this seems to be the best to actually make it into a prominent position in your kitchen - although the reviews on Prezzy Box are all positive - those on Amazon aren't as complimentary.

But forget that for the moment, and imagine what happens when friends and family come over for a party. Do you want to be the guy or girl stuck to a slushie machine all day?
Or would you rather have an effectively limitless supply of slushie goodness all ready to go, whether it's for the friends of your children, or with a splash of alcohol for the adults?
Then I suggest to you....

Packing a whopping 3.7 gallons per bowl, that's 7.4 gallons of slushie goodness - and yours for just $2,999.95 (Down from $3449.99). And it might seem pricey now, but imagine how popular you and your offspring will be during warm weather. If you're more financially minded, why not charge the neighbourhood kids for a cup, and make the money back (Maybe even a profit!).
How's that for a DIY kitchen gadget - one that gives you a business and maybe gives you a profit!

Friday, 8 October 2010

Kitchen chairs for the designer freak you know....

I love great design, despite the fact my artistic talents are limited to words and terrible guitar playing. And personally I think these Pantone chairs are ace - although I suspect you'll need to be a design fan to properly appreciate them...
But it should help the next time you're looking for the right colour to co-ordinate your kitchen.

They're £54 each from The Holding Company. And could lead to inspiration for more funky colourschemes - our hallway is currently the same light blue as the chair hanging at the back...

Thursday, 7 October 2010

The geekiest kitchen utensil you've ever seen?

While I'm not a huge fan, I'm well aware that there's very little in the Geek universe which is more universal than Star Trek. Even if you come down on the Star Wars side of the debate, or you just can't overcome the memory of the Tribbles, you can't help recognising the icons it created.
And now the U.S.S. Enterprise can journey across pizza!
 It's like it was meant to be - but has actually been created by the talented people at ThinkGeek. And it's officially licensed, stainless stell and just $24.99. So if you're a Trekkie, or you know one, grab the Star Trek Pizza Cutter!