Saturday, 4 September 2010

Update your kitchen cabinets with some new parts

One way to improve the look of your kitchen without spending thousands on replacing the whole thing is to look at what you can update and reuse. For instance, it's often possible to replace the kitchen cabinet doors and handles to transform the space, rather than replacing all the parts of the cupboards that you'll never see.
There are cheaper ways to find the parts, but I've just spotted some handy art deco kitchen cabinet knobs on ebay which would be just the thing...

They're being sold for £10 each, with £4.90 postage, but there appears to be the chance of a deal if you're buying in bulk. And if you're replacing a number of cabinets, or if you can find a friend that's also thinking about making some changes, buying in largr numbers is often a good way to save money.
Alternatively, there's always the option of checking out secondhand shops, reclamation yards, junkyards and even building sites and skips (obviously there are legal rules on just helping yourself to stuff that you might find).

 I've been thinking of taking that exact approach with our kitchen. The cupboards are pretty dull and not exactly inspiring, but it's pretty rare we'll ever see or notice the back and sides of them. So by replacing the doors, handles and possibly the worksurface, we'll be able to transform them. And we can even split the cost by leaving the current worksurface in place for the time being!

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