Tuesday, 24 August 2010

1950s kitchen cupboard/larder - I must stop browsing ebay....

Every time I spend a few minutes taking a look around ebay, I seem to find something I'm tempted to buy. Someone stop me...

For instance...

Can't go too far wrong for £29.99 with just 15 hours left!

Monday, 23 August 2010

Potential kitchen unit bargain on ebay?

It's worth looking all over the place for kitchen-related bargains, and you'll never know what might turn up. Unfortunately we still haven't reached the stage where we can start amassing some furniture, which is a bit of a shame, as I've just spotted some vintage English Rose kitchen units, and they're currently at just £26.

As you can see, they're far less twee than the name might suggest! Built in the 1950's, English Rose of Warwick built high-quality fitted kitchens. And CSA, the company which made these cabinets, previously made the nose cones for the Spitfire plane!

Fully restored they justify a high price, but if you can find some in need of restoration like these, then you could grab a bargain. Just one thing to keep in mind is that you'll be working with metal rather than wood, so it helps if you're a panelbeater rather than a carpenter.

Obviously there can be a lot of competition on eBay, but it occasionally still comes up trumps, so it's worth checking regularly, and playing around with. Annie seems to find virtual window shopping strangely relaxing, so let us know if you'd like more eBay finds posted up on a regular basis?