Thursday, 1 July 2010

What on earth is 'Patchwork Kitchen'?

Patchwork Kitchen is a new website for renovating, refurbishing and generally creating a cool kitchen, written by two people who are attempting to do up their own kitchen with a mix of styles, a lack of DIY skills, and a complete lack of budget.

The reason we're doing the site is that after dating and living together for a while we decided to buy a house which needed a bit of work, as it was the best we could afford as first-time buyers. So the weekend we moved in, we gutted and decorated the living/dining room. In the next few months we also completely redid the bedroom, and in the run-up to the birth of our first child we went to town on creating a great nursery.

And then everything stopped. We've made a little headway with the garden, but when it comes to the house, the combination of jobs and a family have meant that we've struggled to do more than fix a door handle and replace the odd lightbulb in the last two-and-a-half years.

So this is as much to help us as it is to hopefully help anyone reading - by publicly writing about our ideas, plans, purchases, how we did certain things and whether it works or not, we're hoping we'll keep ourselves motivated to complete a kitchen which is going to take quite a while. (We know enough to know that the time a project takes is inversely proportional to the money you can spend on it!).

And keep in mind my own father started renovating my parent's kitchen when I was a child and hasn't finished it over 20 years later, and you'll see the kind of genetic imperative I'm fighting.

But why 'patchwork' kitchen?

The patchwork name is a reference to the fact that we tend to disagree on almost everything we do. So although we've got some shared ideas of the themes and styles we like (cool, retro, funky, maybe 50's style, some bold colours etc), we're never going to settle on a strict theme and stick to it.
Plus when you're on a very tight budget, you're going to have to comprimise occasionally on the authenticity of every item, or you'll never get there.
Plus it sounds kind of cosy, which one of us liked.

But that's enough for an intro post, and I'll let the lovely lady of the project introduce herself without me getting in the way...

'patchwork' Dan

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