Saturday, 17 July 2010

Step 1: Starting the preparation

Even without the budget to start acquiring new bits for the kitchen, there's plenty to get done in terms of preparation.

For starters, while I've got some time without the rest of the family team around, I'm busy sorting out everything so that we can start making a difference when they return.

And the first step is working out exactly how much space we have to play with, what we want to keep, and particularly how much storage we need.

Over the years, we've acquired the usual kitchen items - fridgefreezer, washing machine, tumbledryer, cooker and microwave - and each was bought as a necessity for the money we had available at the time, rather than the choices we'd have made if we had an endless budget. So which of these will work in the new kitchen, and which will we need to start saving to replace? And can we make them work in the meantime?

And aside from that, every kitchen builds up endless amounts of cans, jars and tins which have lurked in back of cupboards for years, alongside rarely-used cookery books and various pans and other stuff.

Add in the cleaning products under the kitchen sink, and the fact we also store a lot of our paperwork in our larder beside the alcohol supplies, and there's a fair amount of storage being used - but do we need all of it in our new kitchen? Could we reduce the amount of cupboards and shelves?

So I'm on a voyage of discovery to find out exactly what we've got in the kitchen, and what can go. And once that's finished, I can start measuring up for the new kitchen!

So before you start work on your new kitchen, it's worthwhile figuring out if you really need to replace everything you already have...

Image - rubbish emergency in Campania by Chiarra Marra on Flickr (CC Licence). It's not quite representative of the couple of bags of out of date jars I've removed so far, but it might not be far off by the time I've finished!


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