Saturday, 24 July 2010

Raising money for the kitchen improvements

Well, I've just about finished emptying the kitchen and the fridgefreezer is now up and running again. Thank God for the ability to drink cold beer once more...

So now I'm back to the challenge of acquiring new things - and how to fund it with a budget which is currently next to non-existent.

The first thought was to sell any worthwhile kitchen contents on eBay, but there wasn't a lot of treasure hidden away. But there's plenty in the rest of the house. So a lot of things we don't use will be appearing on eBay, Amazon (particularly some high value books), and also on some useful forums for local sales.

And anything we can't sell online will be collected together to head down to the local car boot fair to see what we can raise. Hopefully we'll make a bit towards our goal in the short term, and that'll go into the pot along with some overtime...

So there's not too much physical progress, but at least some of the preparation is done. And one additional job has been added to the list - with a small child, the fact the gas meter etc is openly accessible in the larder is a bit of a worry. So I need to look at boxing it in to prevent small hands creating a big explosion!

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