Monday, 19 July 2010

Busy defrosting the fridge freezer

Not much progress to report as I've spent the last couple of days eating assorted old food from the freezer, ready for the titanic struggle against huge build-ups of ice (pun intended!).

Aside from the desire to sort the entire kitchen ready for proper work to begin, the ice layer was not only stopping the fridge freezer from working effectively, and costing us money to try and keep things cool, but was also starting to swallow up and encase various items of food.

So the steps are pretty simple

  • Empty food by eating it, or throwing it away. Anything you might want to keep needs to go into a cool bag or cool box - but it'll be 24 hours after full defrosting before you can put food back in with any confidence it'll be cold enough.
  • Unplug the fridge freezer, and open up the doors.
  • Grab towels etc to mop up the water - a baking tray can be quite handy as a water collector thin enough to fit at the bottom of the fridge freezer.
  • Ways to speed things up: A bowl of hot water placed at the bottom of the fridge or freezer (heat rises remember), or a hair dryer (if you're careful about mixing electricity and water.)
  • Don't use anything with a naked flame, or sharp objets because repturing the cooling coil which runs through every shelf in a freezer is a bad, bad thing to do.
  • You can remove the ice as it melts - but do it gently. Again - breaking cooling coil = bad.
  • Once all ice is removed, everything has been cleaned as per the instruction manual, and you're ready to go again, plug everything back in and leave it for 24 hours.
  • While you wait, go and buy some ice cream to celebrate, safe in the knowledge you'll have to eat the entire thing in one sitting.
  • Don't plan on cold beer for 36 hours...
And that's it, really.

I've started wondering about the best way to customise a fridge freezer. If I had the money, I'd be tempted to buy something like:

Unfortunately, that isn't an option at the moment. And I don't think some fun fridge magnets are quite enough for what we're going for...

Time for some kitchen appliance research!

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